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The Workbooks are available below.
Please download and print your copy.
Bring your completed workbook to the Gathering!

Our study this spring is on The Days When the Judges Ruled

We are grateful for the generous support of the Brantford Ecclesia in sharing their workbooks with us
as we strive to continue this gathering for the New England Youth.

Download: (rightclick save target as)

To assist with marking please put your child’s book into the appropriate colored duo tang or 3 ring binder:

Pre-K & K Books: RED
Pre-K & K Song 1 (As For Me and My House)
Pre-K & K Song 2 (All Have Sinned)

Grades 1-3: GREEN
Grades 1-3 Song 1 (Seek the Lord)
Grades 1-3 Song 2 (Judges Over Israel)

Grades 4-7: BLUE
Grades 4-7 Song 1 (Stand Still)
Grades 4-7 Song 2 (God is My Strong Salvation - Hymn 14)

It is important that the children begin work on their books quickly to ensure they are able to complete the book in time.
Each workbook also has Bible marking activities in conjunction with the study to be completed.
The workbooks and Bible marking will be reviewed by volunteers at the Study day and awarded points for their efforts.
Those points can then be “spent” at a Bible Treasure points store that will be set up on location that day.